What should I wear to a Pilates Class or Pilates One to One Session.

There are many exercises in Pilates where you are lying down, and your legs are moving above you, also the instructor needs to be able to see your muscles and posture. You don't want shorts that ride up or trousers that are loose. Wear tight sports trousers or leggings that you can move in, with a tank top, T- shirt or fitted long-sleeved t-shirt. As for footwear, you can either be barefoot or wear socks for your session unless you have insoles or shoes with a rise.  

What is the difference between Yoga and Pilates?

One of the main differences between Yoga and Pilates is that Yoga can be used for improving the flexibility of the body and it will also gradually increase the flexibility of your joints. Whereas Pilates focuses on trying to relax muscles which are tense, create flexibility and provide strengthening of the numerous muscles of the body.

What types of payments do Polished Inside & Out accept?

We can accept card, cash or bank transfers before completion of treatment, we do not accept cheques and a deposit may be required for multiple treatments.

How do I cancel an appointment with Polished Inside & Out?

Please email Natasha@polishedleek.com, Text or call and leave a message on 07894147215, Please give at least 24 hours’ notice if you wish to cancel an appointment, otherwise a cancellation fee of 50% of the cost of the treatment will be charged.

Where is your Salon Polished Inside & Out?

Polished Inside & Out is at Daisy Haye Retirement Apartments, Ball Haye Road, Ball Haye, Leek, ST13 6AU.

How do I find Daisy Haye Retirement Apartment?

The building is under 5 years old and not on all SatNavs, if you pass Brough Park Leisure Centre on you left on Ball Haye Road away from Leek Town Centre, keep going up the hill and on your right you will see a large brown/orange building with a car park. If you come in through the main front door, reception is on you right, follow it around and the Salon it directly in front on your left. If I am in a treatment and the door is closed please go to the end and there is a lounge area with a tv for you to wait in.

Is there parking At Daisy Haye Retirement Apartments?

Yes there is free parking, 8 disabled spaces, a drop off bay and 8 spaces for visitors. There is also resident parking around the back if you cannot find a space out front.

What hours are the salon open?

I work my hours around my clients. My usual working hours are between 8am and 8pm. I work my hours on when clients need their appointments, for example if I have a lot of clients that need appointment after work say 5pm till 9pm I might not start work till 10am. I have a sign on the salon window that tells you the hours I expect to do for the up and coming week, or feel free to text me.

What is the difference between a shellac manicure and a traditional manicure?

Manicure - The manicurist should shape your nails, soak and tidy your cuticles, apply hand lotion with massage and then apply a base coat and two coats of nail polish. Once that has dried, clear top coat is applied. Cnd Vinylux nail polishes are chip “resistant” but not chip free and will need time to dry after the treatment. Recommended drying time is 1 hour without knocking as the nails maybe touch dry but not knock dry. If you do knock your nails within the one hour drying time this may not show but likely the polish will chip there first.

A Shellac Manicure sets (or cures) under a UV light. The manicurist should shape the nails and remove any oil or dirt for the natural nail bed, then they will apply a Shellac base coat, then nails are placed under the UV lamp to set. Then they apply the Shellac polish colour and back under the UV lamp, this happens twice. Lastly, a Shellac top coat is applied and the nails are again sets under the UV. Oil and hand lotion is applied after the top coat is cures.

What would you recommend to someone who is having a shellac manicures?

A shellac manicure should last 2-3 weeks, the only must is that the Shellac needs to be removed properly and you must not pick it off or you will cause damage to your nails and your nail artist is likely to growl at you. But if you’re having your nails done again, the removal is generally part of the process before a new colour is applied. I would also recommend a manicure every so often between your Shellac treatments to give your nails a little more nourishment. You can also purchase from us the cnd solar oil, you would apply it to the cuticles while your shellac is on to help stop the nails becoming dry.

What is the difference between a shellac manicure and nail extensions?

Acrylics and Gels are fake nails placed over your natural ones. Both can be made to match the shape of the nail, or to extend it. So, when you want longer nails, you are asking for either Acrylic or Gel extensions. People also get Acrylics and Gels overlays to have stronger nails without the extension, however, in the long term they can actually weaken your natural nail.

Shellac is a blend of gel and nail polish. Because it is like a polish, it can’t be used to extend your nail. Because it is like a gel, however, it does add strength and durability. In the long term, Shellac is much less damaging to nails than traditional Gels as there is not abrasive buffing to the nail bed during application or removal. The main benefit is that it reduces chipping as a long-lasting polish.

Shellac vs. Gel Manicure vs Gels, Many people confuse Gels with Shellac. This is because Shellac contains gel, so many consumers have mixed up their terminology, asking for a “gel manicure” when what they want is Shellac. So gel manicure is sort of a made up name for Shellac (people in the industry always use the term Shellac). Meanwhile, Shellac and Gels are not the same service. Just as the ingredients, procedures and results for Acrylics and Gels differ, the same is true about Shellac vs Gels.

Do I need open sandals for a pedicure?

Not if you choose to have a Shellac polish as it’s dry immediately, yes you do need flip flops or open toed sandals to allow time for your toe polish to dry for 1 hour after treatments has ended.

I have a corn, do you get rid of them?

We can soften the corn but do not full remove them, we have a highly trained chiropodist that comes into Daisy Haye monthly to provide a foot health clinic. She will treat corns, callus, fungal, thickened nails, cracked heels, in growing toe nails and athletes foot. Please ask if you would like her full details.

How long will my eye brow shape last?

Your eyebrow shape should last about 3-4 weeks.

I have in growing hairs on my bikini line what can I do?

Exfoliation and moisturising between waxing treatments helps reduce in growing hairs.

How long does your body hair need to before waxing?

Body hair needs to be about 1 cm long for waxing.

What’s the difference between a bikini wax, Hollywood and Brazilian waxing. What do I wear and do I need to trim?

A bikini wax is the hair removed outside your knicker line. (Polished inside & out therapists only do a standard bikini wax)

A Brazilian is a strip down the centre and all the hair underneath removed.

A Hollywood wax is all hair removed.

We can provide paper pants for you to wear and if the hair is long you will need to trim.

What do you do in a facial?

All our Kaeso Facials include a skin analysis with the BeautyPro HydraPen, after discussing your skin we can choose a specific face masks to enhance your treatment. When you lie on the bed you are covered with a towel so you feel warm and cosy. You will need to remove your shoes and have your bra and top straps down off the arms as the facial includes the neck, shoulders, and upper chest areas.  Most facial routines include a cleanse, tone and exfoliate, massage and mask. If you’re not sure which facial you would like you can decide in the consultation with the therapist. Our facials can include a hand & arm massage, foot & ankle massage, or a scalp massage.

Can I have a facial after Botox?

We recommend leaving two weeks after your Botox treatment before a facial.

Which treatments would you recommend for me to have before my holiday and when should I have them?

Waxing, manicure, pedicures or Shellac and eyebrow and eyelash tinting are all very popular treatments for holidays. We would recommend to have treatment as close to your holidays as possible maybe 1-2 days before.

What should I do before a tan and how long does it last?

Tans work best if you exfoliate and do any waxing or shaving the day before (the therapist can do this if you want).  You will wear paper pants for the tan or bring your own in black and we would recommend you bring loose dark clothing after your treatment. The tan will last for about 5-7 days if looked after correctly ie moisturise, pat skin dry after bath/shower. We would advise to have the tan 1 day before the special occasion and to have a trial before a wedding.

What’s the difference between a spray tan and therapist application tan?

A “St Tropez spray tan” is sprayed onto your body and gives a slightly darker surface tan and does not need to be washed off after 10 hours. We use “St Tropez application tan”, which is rubbed into the skin and needs 10 hours development time followed by a shower; it can last longer than a spray tan and has a more even application.

Do men have treatments and which would you recommend to suit them?

Yes we have a number of male clients who come in for a variety of treatments. For example, male manicure and pedicure, massage, waxing, etc.

Why do I need a patch test before an eyelash or brow tint?

We test a small amount behind your ear 48 hrs before your treatment to make sure you do not react to the tinting product.

Which treatments can I have while pregnant?

Because pregnancy is so individual I would recommend the client speaks to the therapist first.

I am not comfortable with showing my body, which treatments would you recommend for me?

All therapist are sensitive to clients’ modesty and would not make you feel uncomfortable.  I would recommend a Manicure or Pedicure for a first treatments and once you get to know the therapist you might feel more comfortable to try a facial or massage.






Payments and Cancellations

Polished Policy

Before Your First Appointment or Pilates Session.

A consultation card must be filled in to ensure that all the treatment I provide are suitable for you. 

You must bring the physical activity readiness questionnaire signed to your free consultation before attending any Pilates sessions. 

Payments and Cancellations

We accept card, cash or bank transfers before completion of treatment, we do not accept cheques and a deposit may be required for multiple treatments. Please give at least 24 hours notice if you wish to cancel an appointment, otherwise a cancellation fee of 50% of the cost of the treatment will be charged or lose of a pre-paid block booking session.